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Whats is ATS?

A cheap and powerful solution for reliable Timecapturing

Capturing your employees Worktime is an important topic in professional businesses. We offer you a powerful solution with all features needed for capture, monitor, manage and analyze your employees worktime.

The ATS Software License is not limited* in amount of employees using.

For Capturing the Time you can choose between modern QR Code capturing and/or capturing using classic RFID Transponders.

In our ATS Mobile App, your employees can see their Work-Reports, the Times captured today and if you enable them, their Worktime Account, to see how much overtime they have.

The System works as Cloud-Solution in a German Datacenter according all rules and acts of the German Privacy Act and the European GPDR.

* (The technical Limitation is 2.500 Users)

Automatic Timecapture System

Why should I use ATS in my company?

Easy to setup and use
There is no need for a cost intensive setup by third party service providers. The Installation procedure is very easy for everyone and well documented. The usage of ATS is easy as well.
Powerful Workflow
The Process is very simple and easy to understand. The Time is captured by a Terminal or the Mobile App (which scans a QR Code) and gets automatically processed to a WorkReport on the next day.
Mobile App
Enable your Employees to see their Work-Reports, Today captured Times by the Terminals and (if you want) their Worktime-Account. With this Feature, you can make the Capturing transparent and may win your employees confidence in this process. (The App is completely free)

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